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ImpacTV Limited

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Further to the announcement of 22nd December2002 that ImpacTV Ltd a New Zealand registered Satellite Pay Distribution Company plans to launch its multichannel satellite Pay and Free to Air platform during the first quarter of 2003.

ImpacTV will provide its multichannel service on a footprint that covers both New Zealand and Australia. Domestic reception will be on dish sizes no less than 76cm within the primary footprint. It is envisaged that an 80cm / .8 db combination system will suffice for reception through out most of the coverage area.

The broadcasts will use advanced digital compression techniques and will employ the Irdeto 2 conditional access system to maintain security on its Pay and Pay Per View channels. All Free To Air broadcasts will comply with the DVB standard for satellite broadcasting. However some Free to Air channels where copyright restricts total access will also use the same conditional access system and will require a smart card to view these channels.

ImpacTVs satellite platform will initially consist of up to Forty separate broadcast channels using two Full transponders. A third Transponder will be available with in Three months and ImpacTV hopes to place it into service in June / July 2003. Creating a further Twenty channels.

One Transponder will be uplinked from Auckland New Zealand and will provide the gateway for independent programmers and channel providers that want to reach combined New Zealand and Australian populations numbering eighteen million. It is also hoped that since ImpacTV will make available up to Ten channels to third parties for Free To Air or Pay TV channels at a very low cost so that the platform will provide a very diverse channel line up which will have great appeal to its audiences.

The second transponder will be from Asia and will feature channels not readily available to New Zealand or Australia, a third uplink will provide a direct link from the USA to provide niche independent American FTA and pay channels to the platform.

Further announcements will be made here and as the project progresses to its launch date.

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